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What Are The Different Types Of Hangers?

Cloth hangers have been available from time immemorial, and they were first created in order to save space for arranging clothes in a wardrobe or a closet. Clothing hangers have not undergone so much of innovation since its inception from the industrial revolution, but it is one of the most self – made materials and some people are ready to pay hefty prices for antique hangers too! So, you can imagine the actual craze that exists behind this stuff.

  • Wired hangersThese are the most commonly used shirt and pant hangers available in the market. Wired hangers come in a variety of shape and sizes and also in bright colors. They are widely used for their economical price. Do note that they are best suited for lightweight clothes and if heavy ones are used, they are bound to sag down. These are essentially used by dry – cleaners and outdoor laundry vendors so that they do not have to spend a fortune buying hangers for their clients. Keep a watch while using these hangers because they do not have a long life – span and may even de- shape the fabric is used for a long time.
    • Wooden hangersWooden hangers are the most elegant ones out there. They are known for their durability and the look they provide when used in the closet. Wooden hangers are best suited when used to support heavy clothes such as waistcoats and suits. But on the whole, these hangers provide advantages that they stretch the fabric out, thereby reducing the chances of the fabric getting wrinkled. A number of wooden hanger finishes are available in the market from walnut to teakwood finish. They are slightly pricey than the other ones, but using them is bound to pay off in the longer term.
      • Plastic hangersPlastic hangers are known for being lightweight and they are the most used hangers after the wired hangers. Like the wired ones, plastic hangers are also available as non slip hangers and in a variety of different colors. Plastic hangers can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth if they get dirty and there is no issue of rusting on its edges unlike the case of metal hangers. But do note that the regular usage of plastic hangers is bound to bend and buckle them over time and it is best to keep replacing them at regular intervals. They are available in a variety of styles depending on the type of clothing, so choose the best one that will suit your needs!