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All You Need To Know About Fashion

When styling your outfits it’s important to understand how to pair your outfits well and mixing and matching patterns and colors. A mismatched pattern can have the negative impact of what you were hoping when you initially styled the outfit. There are what stylists would call “necessary wardrobe staples” that every person should have in their wardrobe this applies to both women as well as men. We’ll be discussing the top tips to having a versatile wardrobe and what is considered as a staple items of clothing applicable to everyone.

Finding your own style – and sticking to it.

Before diving into the greater parts of the revamping of your wardrobe it is important that you establish your personal style. This doesn’t mean you being comfortable in your jeans and t-shirt but more like being confident in what you wear and stepping outside of the box in terms of fashion choices.The 3 main DO NOTs in fashion centers itself; Not buying clothing simply because it was on discount or since it was a bargain this does not justify your need for that item of clothing. Quality over quantity; it is important to remember than you rather buy one really good pair of basic jeans no matter the price and being able to wear it thoroughly for the next five years rather than buying a pair of jeans for half price and replacing it in six months. Don’t shift back to your comfortable style of sweaters and t-shirts. Try to venture around your style by mixing and matching the staples in your cupboard.

The must haves in anyone’s closets.

The number one staple in anyone’s wardrobe is a basic black and white t-shirt that you can pair with anything. The t-shirt keeps the outfit neutral and gives you the chance to go crazy with the layering. Whether its wearing a slip dress over your white t-shirt or wearing a a crazy patterned blazer with your black T-shirt and high tops. A basic t-shirt can save your whole outfit. Living in a cold country like Australia the varying weather gives you great chances to experiment with outfits and layering, many people turn to personal stylist Melbourne to give them the confidence they need to pull the outfits off whether it’s a bright checkered sweater blazer or a neon pair of heels personal stylists are becoming popular today with their support in boosting confidence and helping more people to step out of their fashion box.

The Little Black Dress – tie dye event

Another absolute essential is your Little Black Dress also known as LBD and the black tie shirt for men, a black collared and long sleeved shirt is something any image consultant Sydney swear by. This can never go wrong in any dressy or smart casual event giving you the chance to dress it up and down. The final staple out of the top three are the three main pairs of pants which include denim, black and beige pants that give your outfits the versatility you’re looking for.